On the Path of life

This article is dedicated to my friend Amit. Tomorrow is the last day I would be seeing him in the office because, he is resigning from the post of a copy writer at REDCOM. Would really miss him.

I still remember the first day I met him, 1st of May 2011, it was my first day at office. He made me feel very comfortable at the office which was very alienish for me back then. And from then he has always helped me out when I asked for and some times even without asking for help. I have really enjoyed each day spent with him, there have been days when he has made me laugh like crazy… literally… till the limit of getting cramps in my stomach, and there have been times when he would tease me by mimicking the faces I would make unknowingly. But now there is only one feeling that all of us at REDCOM are feeling, and that is sad that he is leaving the company.

There is a saying

On this path of life people walk in and out of our lives,

some just pass by

but some special one’s

leave their foot prints behind.

I must say that Amit, you have surely left your foot prints in my life. I will really miss you…… I donno how would my days pass without drinking water from your bottle or without saying a Hi to you……!!!

Anyways I guess now its time to say good bye. All the best…. Hope you too miss me…. and Thanx for all the amazing memories that you have given all of us.


My First Post

This is my first post.

I have never written any article before this. But I very excited to write this post.